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We are a Direct Marketing Company, located in San Antonio, TX and founded by Mexican Marketers in the commercial website optimization and positioning industry of the Hispanic Market, and continues to lead by delivering a full range of advanced internet Hispanic marketing solutions to companies who want results. We combine traditional business practices with proven internet strategies and ongoing research to help clients maximize online sales and marketing.

  • The #1 way people find new websites is via Search Engines.
  • 50% to 80% of your online traffic should be coming via Search Engines.
  • 90% of all Internet users never view sites listed under #20 on the Search Engine Rankings.
  • The higher your Search Engine Ranking, the more traffic you will generate.
  • Most search engines update their listings about every 30 days and if you aren't resubmitting often enough you can be wiped right off the list.

Did you know that the Hispanic population in the US represents one of the most lucrative Spanish-speaking online markets?

You can greatly improve your Search Engine Ranking in Spanish for Mexicans and maintain bi-weekly submissions to thousands of search engines.

When hispanic users find the multilingual pages which we have created, some of them will not click through to your site just because it is in English! However, these visitors are not true potential customers... In fact, if someone is not willing to communicate with you in English, this person is not really a prospect for your business! Our technology allows us to separate the suspect from the potencial prospects...

More than 99% of all Hispanics search the web in Spanish first.....

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