40% of small businesses execs want to see "how-to" type of content in their newsletter. - Bredin Business Information (2007)

Do you struggle to get newsletters and electronic alerts out in time for possible event for  attendees to plan ahead?

Our newsletters can be prepared in an editor program similar to Microsoft Word and requires no knowledge of HTML code.

Don’t have time to write a newsletter?

We can pull specific content from your news articles and events calendar for an on-the-spot newsletter ready to send to your database!

                    Electronic newsletters, professionally formatted with strong clear text and links,
                    will increase your event attendance and help bind a group of people in real-time.
                    But only send electronic newsletters if you have something of value to deliver to
                    your target audience (and they have given you permission of course).

Our newsletters allow users to only receive what they want to receive based on their interests and selections with automated remove or add.

We include a complete electronic newsletter e-mail module with advanced subscribe and unsubscribe features.

Many of our clients' organizations revolve around their electronic newsletters which link back to their site for more details.

Site users can add or remove themselves from an electronic newsletter group as they see fit.

  • Electronic Newsletter Sponsorships works as a great revenue generator when priced correctly (ask yourself if you would pay that amount, and start the price there)
  • Our Newsletters work with list management integrated
  • Supports individual import or export for list control
  • Add or remove users with just an e-mail address for fast removal of undeliverable addresses
  • Every e-mail includes a "remove me" link at the bottom
  • Clear audit trail by sender and recipient for accountability
  • Statistical newsletter reporting of send, view and responses
  • Security controls distribution by either security level or group security level (so you can delegate a group's newsletter, but keep the others in your court for security)
  • Supports Text or Rich-Text and HTML e-mails for consistent branding
  • Newsletters are also great for job listing announcements and for calendar event management

Our Marketing Electronic Newsletter Matches Web Site Branding Consistently with Rich HTML e-mails.   

Contact us TODAY - your customers/members will thank you.

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