Luis Escobar

Luis was born and grew in Mexico City, obtained College degree of Engineer in Communications and Electronic.  I. P. N.  A diploma in Direct Marketing of the I.T.E.S.M. in 1999 and another diploma in Fund Raising of the University of Indiana in the 2003.  

Its work experience is extensive, working alone or as a group with a board of directors.  It has developed and established general objectives for companies, has developed and approved politics and programs.  Its contributions in its work have been to plan, to organize, to direct, to control and to evaluate middle managers, the operations of the organization in relation to objectives established.  

He found in 1993 to Escobar Gonzalez & Associates agency recognized in Mexico and winner the Prize of the Agency of the Year 2004 and one of the main clients of the Mexican Postal Service.  

He wrote the first Manual of Telemarketing in Mexico, becoming a material of support among the Call Centers in Mexico  

He was the vice President of the Asociacion of Direct Marketing, leading several initiatives like the Graduat in Direct Marketing in the ITESM.  

By his leadership found, the Asociacion of Suppliers of Direct Marketing (APROMEDI), where his active participation framework a precedent before the imminent Federal Law of Proteccion of Data of the Consumer.  

To explore new business in US, he moved to USA where he found a business of marketing EG&A Direct International, same that has been recognized for its active work among the Top Mexican Investors; City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Free Trade Alliance among others institutions.  

The Business Plans has developed and the knowledge he practice of the cultural difference between Mexican and American businessmen has become a point it of reference in the business community of San Antonio, TX.  

Among their projects they are:  

* UPS of Mexico, LTD CV

* Sony Professional of Mexico, LTD CV

* Elizabeth Burn

* Financial Group INBURSA (Sure, INBURSA 20, Autotal, Rescatel and Gauge INBURSA)

* Dell Computers (Client of United States).  

* International Bank of Commerce

* Free Trade Alliance

*West Over Hills stage 1,2 and 3
Hispanic Traffic
On Demand Strategic Data Communication
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