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Reaching the Hispanic market is not simply translating an English-language brochure into Spanish. It’s a long way to catch this community attention. Marketers need to analyzed and determine their Business proposals in relation within Mexican community. 

Understanding customer needs and frustration is an ongoing task companies need to focus by working directly with the customer and demonstrate how they can add value and most important, make a connection to convert Prospects into Customers. Mexican community is composed of intellectually engaged, emotionally motivated and increasingly educated individuals. It’s importance is growing by the day, possibly by the hour. IF Marketers continue viewing this community as outsiders at some point they will find that they're the ones on the outside looking in. 

This community is growing -- exploding, actually -- in the United States Hispanos make up almost 17 percent of the total U.S. population, which is already a not insignificant number...but in some regions and cities, those numbers are more like 40, 50 or even 60 percent or more. 

When companies engage with Hispanic Traffic, we’ll be able to help them identify key decision makers in the Mexican community, generate more leads for their business, elevate their company’s brand with online visibility, will measure also online data analytic to improve customer awareness and conversion, provide detailed information of the customer buying cycles, and so much more.

Hispanic traffic will build a culture of competency, multicultural and opportunity as part of customer service, buying cycle, customer retention/loyalty through the application of business multiple diversity mechanism/channels. Leading local services with a unique Hispanic/Mexican Database filled up with different approaches such as Social Media, Mailing List, Direct and email Marketing.For brands, one part of the advertising equation is finding the best way to tell their brand story to consumers. But another important piece is identifying and tailoring their advertising strategies to reach the right audience in a relevant and engaging way. Study found that 88% of brands were focused on targeting U.S. Hispanics. These findings are in line with similar reports from Nielsen, indicating that U.S. Hispanics are highly social and mobile in nature.

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Mobile Application 

Mobile industry is resetting business, now is the opportunity to get it right from the start, rather than playing catch-up. Mobile will force companies to rethink and redesign how they market, sell to and service their customers. Mobile will enable companies that successfully build relationships driving bigger and better business outcomes. 

For Hispanic Traffic, developing a Mobile application users from San Antonio, TX (Resident/Travelers) will use to adapt, plan and execute their daily activities by using it as a pocket/mobile assistant to identify, locate, find, compare, share best deals offered by Local Vendors will generate more commerce in motion into local economy.  

As brands deliver value, Hispanic traffic will foster a growing connection with this market niche. Our vision goes beyond the creation of apps to consider a broader, strategic approach to acquiring, converting and retaining customers. Instead, using mobile app technologies to generate more confidence,  joint venture within the Mexican community by adding specific features users can use as part of their daily life activities. 

Because the mobile world is rapidly evolving, it is also fragmented. Hispanic Traffic mobile strategy will connect both brand and consumer in way to attack customer demand by applying Business methods in team effort with Local Brands and Service providers. This, will integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Management and to different Marketing Business communication opportunities.   

Mobile proposed Features and Functionalities

Hispanic Traffic vision is NOT trying to reinvent the wheel or find the hay stack by adding another application instead, we plan to produce something totally integrated app user and brands will be using as On demand tool to enhance relationship between them. Hispanic Traffic created multiple groups formed by men, women, children, Local Businesses as part of project implementation. The idea is to obtain first level requirements and needs from both side of the spectrum for first and future app releases.  

For app users who visit  United States (TX) and nearby cities, they will be able to obtain the application (Free) through QR code system planning to be located at multiple sites such as Airport, Magazine, Borders, Mall, Networking, Travel Agencies in Mexico and United States.  Prospects living in  San Antonio, we will be using Social Media Accounts to promote and build new records. Hispanic Traffic already has FB, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest accounts, working with Business partners to begin with Social Media marketing.

Mexican Data Base 

 Hispanic Traffic core Business is driven by Data Management collected and loaded into company Data Base. Given the increase of Hispanics in the United States in the last decade and, Texas - San Antonio considered in last Census as the second city with the largest number of Mexican population. This, motivate Hispanic Traffic to establish a program to begin collecting Mexican community records within a Unique, Reliable Data Base. Data obtained will be used to generate multiple studies such as demographic, geographic, psycho graphic and multiple Marketing Studies Hispanic Traffic plan to have with local Brands and Service Providers ( First and Second Level ) WHEN  - community normally travel (this will be managed through seasonality programs) WHAT  - Purchase mechanism they use to pay HOW  - What type of transportation they used, days of stay  WHO  – Number of family members by age, gender WHERE  Places/Hotels/Families 

Project Implementation 
 Hispanic Traffic prepared a Project Road map with multiple task/time frame for each. To begin with the project, Hispanic Traffic will be using the money obtained to :  
  • Continue with app development/testing/go live 
  • Begin with Web Services contracts 
  • Prepare Marketing, Publicity , Media 
  • In house developer salary payment ( 4 months ) 

Project Cost 

Hispanic Traffic goal is $125,000 usd. Money will be distributed to pay project tasks/activities through Project Implementation.


Hispanic Traffic offers the opportunity for Companies to want to join our Project as Investors or Sponsors. We provide different packages in return of the investment provided. If anyone  want specifics for this please, do not hesitate to contact myself either by phone or email.  

Hispanic Traffic in San Antonio, TX.  

We are a Direct Marketing Agency founded in Mexico in 1993, last year we opened our offices in San Antonio, TX in accordance to the high economic and social impact Hispanic/Mexican communities brought to the State of Texas.  

Our company is all about talented goal-oriented individuals who are trained to become part of our clients lives by understanding, working together to better address personal and professional needs - wants while been either visiting or living in the United States.  

Quote " Obstacles to success have nothing to do with budget or resources instead, Lack of knowledge about gathering data, metrics and correct strategies for emerging markets is the baseline Company marketers need to focus on". 

For business, this channel represents immense opportunity. When else can you say your brand is literally carried around the clock in customers pocket ?  Brands have the opportunity to become integrated into users daily life, into their routine. Provide value to them, they will reward with more attention, more business, greater loyalty and positive word of mouth.  

Hispanic Traffic will support Brands. Being close to the consumer is a privilege . For each local Business the benefit is as simple as to be connected with this important Market, offering their products and services in a way Hispanic/Mexicans create awareness, become customers and leverage company conversion rates. 

Great Brand marketing opportunities
  • Identifying key decision-makers -- The business  is where consumers eye are 
  • Generate more Leads – through differentiation ,  increasing customer awareness 
  • Reach more target audience 
  • Elevate brands and companies online visibility (Company Website, Advertising) 
  • Measure Online data analytics to correct channels to improve customer  awareness and  conversion
  • Review, analyze customer buying cycle through  (mail, in person, Website, Social Media, Webinars, Search, Display Advertising) 
  • Incorporate target market through marketing mix approaches 
  • Hispanic Traffic will be working with Local Marketers
  • B2B buyer is able to choose where and how to consume information
  • Using sophisticated and far-reaching tactics to target prospects 
  • Re targeting

Many of our clients repeatedly use our services. We provide our clients with what they want - RESULTS.
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