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January 2011


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Hispanic Traffic

Hispanic Traffic

We can increase the presence among the Hispanic Market if we think how we can reach this market as well as how we can press the emotional button.

How we can think about it?

We need to think since the cultural point of view and the best way to explain the difference is if we think than the Mexicans are more "being" persons and the americans are more "doing" persons. We are being persons because for mexicans is most important, Who Am I?, this is part of our culture. We always introduce our selves as "I am Architect", "I am the son of the President", "I am the owner of such Business" and so on, however the americans they say "I built this business" "I work for this company".

You can observe how the mexicans are doing in San Antonio, for instance if you go to a party the mexicans are always more worry about the clothes we are using, "brands", the watch, the car. If you stop by your neighborhood in a saturday and there is a party around, and if you see BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc, I can bet there are mexicans, inside you can identify us just by looking the children, yes those with new clothe, well dress and neat.

This means we are always worry about the society.

Remember Some Aspects:

  • The Group more Important than Individual
  • We are Loyalty, because we have fear of the unknown, not because we like to be loyal.
  • Good Mother, Past of poverty
  • Live for Today



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